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X-CASE – basis for all AHU innovations

Huber and Ranner offer custom-tailored air handling equipment for flexible solutions to meet even the most sophisticated requirements. All our products consist of singular modules that match each other ideally and can be arranged in a flexible manner. We only use high-quality products. Our AHUs are designed to meet precisely the needs of the facility, combining ample power with the versatility to adapt to future load requirements.

Our experienced engineers know what demands our devices have to fulfil and devote the greatest precision to the development and installation of our AHUs. A meticulous final inspection and continuous after sales service guarantee best quality of air handling units by Huber and Ranner – expect more.


Huber-Ranner_Innenaufstellung_01On average, people spend 70-80% of their lives indoors. High air comfort contributes hugely to our well-being and productivity. The selection of high quality products  in the area of indoor air treatment is therefore of paramount importance.  Our selection of AHU components and housings enables us to respond optimally to our customers’ demands, as our modular AHU concept offers unparalleled versatility in the implementation.
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We guarantee perfect climate, even under extreme conditions. Rooftop units are particularly exposed to the weather conditions. Extreme fluctuations in temperature and moisture stress the material to a considerable extent. Huber & Ranner offer the AHU you need.

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Huber-Ranner_Hygiene_KlimaOur focus is on the specific demands of our customers. Our know-how and many years of experience enable us to achieve best results in all areas of air handling units. Each hygiene appliance of Huber & Ranner is therefore designed and manufactured individually to provide the ideal solution for your project.

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Huber-Ranner_integrierte-Regelungstechnik_02To constantly produce the optimal climate for each need puts high demands on modern ventilation and air handling units. We provide custom-tailored equipment for flexible solutions. Invest in certified AHU products by Huber & Ranner. Do not be content with anything less than the ideal – for  your comfort and satisfaction.

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High standards of quality and reliability apply especially to integrated cooling technology. All cooling components are optimally matched to one another. AHU parts of the latest generation can be arranged in a flexible way.