As a family business, Huber & Ranner has always been managed sustainably by the owners. This is also centrally reflected in the strategy.

Erwarten Sie mehr. We consider the responsible and careful use of our resources and sustainable business practices to be our social obligation to current and future generations.

Dietmar Huber

Our economic activities are designed for the long term and are in harmony with the environment. Economic sustainability goes hand in hand with ecological and social issues.

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Dietmar Huber

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Responsible and sparing use of our resources and sustainable business practices are what we see as our social obligation to today’s and future generations. They think deeply into industries, products and applications; they think with and ahead. These actions are supported by an internal culture that promotes a high degree of personal responsibility, motivates and encourages.

…in this respect, economic sustainability goes hand in hand with ecological and social aspects.


As a family-owned company, Huber & Ranner has traditionally been managed sustainably by its owners. This is also fundamentally reflected in the strategy.

The five pillars of sustainability – products, energy, waste, vehicles and social issues – form the foundation of our strategy development and our vision. As a company, we believe that taking responsibility for our employees and the environment is the key foundation for our long-term economic success.

The customer buys sustainability from Huber & Ranner, which is achieved with our product (energy efficient, recyclable, durable).

100% green electricity. Energy efficient factory buildings and low electricity consumption in the production of air handling units.

Minimization of waste and use of recyclable materials.

Sustainable energy sources, entry into electromobility and electricity from renewable sources.

Pleasant work and break areas, ergonomic workplaces and healthy food. Free mineral water for all employees.

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