In Frankfurt, the German datacenter price in 2014 was awarded on Friday. Thus, the cooling system for data centers with the 3rd place was excellent. As part of a big night gala the organization ” Future Thinking ” the German data center prize is awarded annually to particularly visionary innovations that contribute significantly to the energy efficiency in data centers. Because many do not realize is that data centers are very energy-intensive buildings and around 41 percent of total energy consumption is produced solely by their cooling. With the double- free cooling of the ” IT Case ” Jürgen Loose developed a system that saves up to 90 percent energy . This is not just about cost savings, but also to the careful use of resources and the environmental friendliness of data centers. The energy savings are possible by adjusting the intelligent system to the outside temperature. Despite this flexibility, the ” IT – case” cooling for a constant room temperature , which is important for a consistently high computing power makes . These advantages also saw the independent financial and economic experts on the panel and voted ” IT Case ” as the winner.

Green IT , so resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies in the data center , are becoming increasingly important . Because the demand for computing power is growing and with it heat gains and cooling requirements in the server room . With regard to the global developments is clear that the energy demand of cooling systems must be reduced in order to preserve the efficiency of data centers. Especially in warmer climates this is a challenge for the developers of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

At Huber & Ranner Green IT has long been on the agenda. HVAC systems of the company for ventilation and air conditioning systems must not only meet the highest performance and perfectly adapted to the events at the customer , but also future-oriented and sustainable. Efficient use of materials and slow life cycles play an equally important role , such as durability and ease of maintenance. Looking to the future, Huber & Ranner offers efficient and precise ventilation systems for each use Description . Today, the company is not just building ventilation systems for well-known car manufacturers and public buildings, but with over 200 employees and is the largest employer in Pocking .

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